Pizza on a Bagel: We can all agree with that
bagel bites

Bagel_Bites_(Bagel vs Pizza)Katie.jpg

Play date or gossip hour? 

3p.m. snack or 3a.m. snack? 

Anime or manga? 

No matter which side you're on, there's one thing we can all agree with: pizza on a bagel.

We partnered with emerging artists to put this iconic snack at the center of today’s conversations—from hairstyles to video games to everything in between—celebrating our community’s own interests, debates, and their own creative styles. 

We sparked the conversation and let the world know about these incredibly talented artists 

by posting our debates on every social media platform(IG, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.)

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Artist: Juan Carlos Paz - @bakea

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Artist: Ricardo Cavolo - @ricardocavolo

Artist: Bryndon Diaz - @bryndon_diaz

Artist: Grand Chamaco - @grand_chamaco

Nicolas Romero_horizontal_Stage.jpg

Artist: Nicolás Romero Escalada - @eversiempre

Artist: Erika Lee Sears - @erikaleesears

Artist: Larienne Chan - @lariennechan

Artist: Sofia Santos - @sofi_santos

Creative Team
Paula Gete-Alonso
Anna Cevallos

GCDs: Jeph Burton & Hunter Hampton